The embodiment of non-standard ideas is our favorite process, which we always bring to perfection!

A bright desire to convey the beauty of the world in colors was presented to me by my father.

Grandmother preserved his drawings, which became for me an inspiration, a muse in professional work. My father's work showed me a model of personal development: "Be demanding of aesthetics and to yourself."

My school passion for drawing, mathematics, physics, geometry has grown in conviction in choosing the future of education. And, of course, architecture, like the harmony of creativity and exact sciences, combined my love for beautiful, form, materials, light.

After graduation, he continued his studies at the Pridneprovsky State Academy of Construction and Architecture.

Many interesting experiences and ideas were given by practice in a large architectural bureau in Poland, Poznan. And, of course, grateful memories of the work in the studio Milman Michael.

  • 2009

    gave me the victory in the contest "BEST INTERIOR OF THE YEAR"
  • 2010

    also became a step in a professional career. Prize of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine - prize "GOLDEN CURRENCIES".
  • 2012

    began its independent life studio "AlexandrGrabovskiy"
My training and development continues.

Professionalism is reflected in my work and future projects.

I continue to fill with new information, which is collected from diverse workshops, schools, exhibitions, lectures, held by masters of modern architectural and design art.

  • Be braver in your desires!

  • And the natural desire of a person to decorate his life with beautiful events, objects, environment, clothing. This idea became important in my work.

  • Imagine that even a small lamp can illuminate the room, giving it solemnity, seriousness of the moment or a soft comfortable base.

  • I'm interested in projects in which simple things give us a feeling of working or relaxation, the joy of active recreation surrounded by friends or the seriousness of a business conversation with partners.

How we are working
Meeting with the customer. At the first meeting we will determine your expectations, preferences in style and colors. Let's outline the first design guidelines, reflecting the lifestyle, the temperament of the temperament, the customer. So that it is your desires, perfected by the designer's experience, that would create the interior of your dreams.
Visualization. The opportunity to plunge into reality will provide 3D visualization. You will look at all the details of the design, feel the comfort zones and realize the additional potencies of some interior items. And we will make all the necessary changes.
Presentation of the project. By agreeing all the children, we will present a ready-to-implement design project with a list of equipment, decoration materials and furniture. Such a project will provide an opportunity to take into account all the costs of the budget and plan your budget. This document will insure you from the "experimental" approach at the construction site.
Author's supervision. Responsibility for the result is our credo at the stage of implementation of the architectural project. We control the process to the smallest detail, follow the correspondence of the design project to the final result.