House in the forest

The place, atmosphere, and air immediately inspired us for the general idea of the interior at the first meeting on the site with the customer. The plot is located in a picturesque pine forest. The place, mutual underst...

Dream nest

80 sq. m. area is designed as per free layout, excluding two metal columns. The ceilings in the apartment are quite high, windows are large. The apartment’s owner is very nice woman and successful person. She wanted to ge...

Connecting continents

We were assigned a task to create cozy and comfortable interior of the office, which will be a new Home for the united team of talented people.

Step Forward

The apartment is interesting with its location. It is located on the last floor of modern building in the Old Town of Riga. The peculiarity of this object is the staircase to the terrace on the roof, from where you can en...

House by the river

The house is located on the river bank. Its windows face spectacular view of the right bank of Dnepr River.

Places on the map with the completed projects