Dream nest

Dream nest

An Object: Dream nest

Location: Dnipro, Ukraine

Space: 80 sq.m.

Year of project implementation: 2016

Photographer: Angelovskiy Aleksandr

80 sq. m. area is designed as per free layout, excluding two metal columns. The ceilings in the apartment are quite high, windows are large. The apartment’s owner is very nice woman and successful person. She wanted to get a ‘Dream Nest’ in the center of the city. We tried to create it that way.

About project

It was decided from the beginning to leave ‘air sense’ and to use the height of the ceiling at maximum, to fill the entrance unit (corridor and bathroom) with natural lighting through pseudo-windows, which erase the boundaries of the ceiling lengthening into other rooms. These pseudo-windows then are changed by the window-lamps on adjacent walls.

The area is divided into two main zones: the first zone comprises entrance unit (corridor, laundering room, and bathroom) lengthening into the united area of the kitchen and the living room, and the second private zone comprises bedroom and study room.

Much attention in the interior is paid to the functionality, decoration, and texture of materials.

Natural stone, textures of wood and walls are intentionally underlined by interesting lighting. A lot of lighting scenarios are designed for the apartment. They create a very cozy, warm atmosphere for any mood of the owner. All the furniture for storing is integrated into the walls visually.