House in the forest

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House in the forest

An Object: House in the forest

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Space: 400 m

Year of project implementation: 2015

Photographer: Avdeevko Andrey, Angelovskiy Pavel

The place, atmosphere, and air immediately inspired us for the general idea of the interior at the first meeting on the site with the customer. The plot is located in a picturesque pine forest. The place, mutual understanding and trust between the customer and the architect created harmony and coziness in the interior, and the border with the exterior had almost disappeared. Much attention was paid to materials and textures. Wood, stone, natural colors. Lighting plays a large part in the interior. Light underlines the ‘vivid texture’ of materials. Its various combinations create completely different mood in the interior.






About project

When crossing the threshold of the house you find yourself in a spacious hall, lengthening into the area of kitchen-dining room, and cozy living room with large fireplace.

Thee-dimensional panel painting of natural wood (made according to the author's drawings in local carpentry workshop, as well as almost all the furniture in the house) is the main focus point, because it is located on the border between ‘Day and Night Life’ in the house, and it is completely visible from the street terrace and kitchen.

There is staircase to the second floor with glass barriers.

Individual space for boy and girl was created for the children's rooms. All the furniture is made of oak wood, and its structure just added warmth and atmosphere. Bright bathroom is located between the children's rooms.

The bed took the very right place in the center of almost square bedroom with glass barriers on both sides. And panels with illuminated onyx added romance to the evening lighting of the room.

Billiard room on the first floor is brutal a little: Belgian handmade tiles and panels made of aged oak, very comfortable soft leather furniture. It is an excellent place to relax in the company of good friends.

You can go upstairs from the billiard room to the cinema hall.

Textiles and ceramics designed by the author Sergei Gorban for this object, create additional coziness.