House by the river

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House by the river

An Object: House by the river

Location: Dnepr, Ukraine

Space: 100 sq.m.

Year of project implementation: 2016

Photographer: Angelovskiy Aleksandr

The house is located on the river bank. Its windows face spectacular view of the right bank of Dnepr River.

About project

We had a task to create cozy and spacious lodge guest house to welcome close friends and to rest.

These conditions determined the basic layout concept. The house is divided into two zones.

The first main zone unites dining room, kitchen and living room. The second zone is recreation area, which consists of relaxation room, shower room, sauna, and bathroom.

Interior designed in Provence style. It was important to get maximum open space in the main zone to enjoy the view of the river, and to create zoning. Wooden columns along with curtains gathered in a peculiar manner, creating an additional coziness, help to do it. All the furniture is made according to the author's drawings; lamps are made of ceramics with paintings. A lot of attention is paid to decoration, textiles, and choice of materials.